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G’day , welcome to our profile page.

My friends call me Dyar, which comes from shortening one of my
middle names. I was born in Sydney, Australia in the mid 1970’s and
collected smurfs from BP petrol stations during the early 1980’s. My
Dad used to work for a company that had a petrol account with BP,
so every time he filled up with petrol, he would add a Smurf on the
companies account for me too. A cheap way of getting Smurfs I
suppose. At the age of six I would take off after school without telling
anybody and would walk for an hour just to get to the nearest BP
service station from my house. This caused my mother a lot of worry,
but after a while she knew where I would be, and sometimes even
picked me up in the car as I was making my way home with my new
Smurf purchase. I still wish they were 40 cents each today.
Hear Some Evil
Sometime in the mid 1980’s BP stopped selling Smurfs and as far
as I was aware, the distribution of Smurfs stopped as well. I looked
after my collection and thought someday I could pass them on to my
kids so they could share the joy that Smurfs had brought me.

Unfortunately, at some stage my Smurfs went missing for many
years, which was a huge disappointing for me. In October 2003 they
were given back to me but unfortunately the Smurfs that were
handed back to me were not only disgusting due to filth, they also
had been chewed by someone’s dog or cat. I was really upset by
this, as they were now worthless after I had kept them in such nice
condition for most of my life. I sold them all in a few small lots on
Ebay for cheap prices, and set about to get a few replacement
Smurfs at the same time. I was amazed to discover that the
production of Smurfs had never actually stopped. Each year they
reveal a new set of around 8 brand new designs while discontinuing
a few of the older Smurfs.

Besides Smurfs I have always been a huge music fan with quite a
large music library that takes up an entire room. I have also worked
as a music writer and researcher for MTV, as well as freelance work
for productions on Channel 10 (Sydney) and also Foxtel. In 1995 I
started work on the creation of my own music trivia board game. Due
to limitations with production of new games within the Australian
market, the game still sits on the shelf but after so many years
developing it I still strongly believe in it. It was due to my music
interests that I initially started to buy my first Smurfs in late October
2003, with the intention of really only replacing the music instrument
playing Smurfs like the Drummer, Singer, Trumpeter, Lute &
Guitarist that I had in my original collection. Somewhere along the
line, I ended up with a few thousand non music related Smurfs &
Smurfy items. I had no good or sane-based reason for collecting
Smurfs besides they are fun. I think it’s funny that I collect Smurfs,
whilst my friends and family just wonder where did it all go wrong. I
can't take the collection too seriously, nor myself, and I tend to stay
away from collectors that do.
Needle In A Smurfstack
Blame the cat if you can for the smell.......
Through collecting Smurfs I have met some of the coolest, friendliest and most interesting people around the world, and I
have the Smurfs to thank for bringing these amazing people into my life. Before collecting Smurfs as a so-called grown up, I
had only been outside of Australia once, which was a rugby league tour of New Zealand as a teenager. In the last couple of
years I have travelled on many overseas trips to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England, Wales
Singapore & America to visit Smurf collecting friends, and to just basically go walkabout and see as much of the world as I
can. These trips have included trips to the Smurf Fairs in Belgium like Schtroumpfs Passion and the Comics Fair.

These days I still collect Smurfs but I have the other hobbies as well such as music & travelling. In 2008 the Smurfs & myself
relocated to the USA where we currently reside. My goal is to visit all 50 American states and so far I have been to 27 of
them.....still a long way to go to complete that goal. I have been lucky to do some acting work on some American films such
as "Hancock", "Limitless" as well as some TV work on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". I tried to get work on the 2011
Smurfs movie but unfortunately things didn't work out my way.....I'm still available for the next one though......anyone? Maybe
next time I will have a little more luck, I have to try.

Until then I hope you enjoy your tour of the Sgt Papas website and I wish you all the best of luck with your collections.

I would like to give special thanks to these people:


Christy - A very special thanks to you and your family for so many things during my journeys to the home of Smurfs. Belgium
is a cool place (not just in temperature wise), and I enjoyed every minute of being there. Thanks also to Mum for taking me in
and keeping me fed.

Michelle & Veronique - Thanks to "The Sisters" for their friendship and the times we had in hanging out and drinking in Gent.
I had some great times and want to say a special hello to Wim & the lickiest doggy named Toby.

Dan - It was great to catch up with you and we're still on for more beers when I make my way back to Belgium in the future.

Fram – Thanks for your help in Belgium and for all of the education you have provided for me and others along the way. I have
not only learnt so much but have also enjoyed a few good laughs as well.


Attom – Thanks not only for your help with auctions in Canada, but for also inspiring me to think outside of the norm when it
came to Smurfs. It was because of your influence that I started collecting Rohlinge (Raws) &  Fake Smurfs and for showing
me the beauty in every other ugly fake Smurf figure that I initially couldn’t see myself. You have one of the most unique and
also one of my favourite Smurf collections in the world.


Klaus – I am forever in your debt for your friendship, hilarious emails and of course your help. My collection would not be what
it is today without your kindness. A very special thank you to my good friend for so many things and for introducing me to so
many German beers and once again making me crawl to my bed after a big night out.

Doris – I will never forget your kindness on so many occasions. You always said that if I made it to Berlin we would go out
drinking and shoot some pool......I think we did that and a lot more. Berlin was awesome and I can't wait to get back there
again soon.

Petra – So many smurfs have immigrated from your house to mine. Thank you so much for your help, your trust and for being
my tour guide around Heidelberg.

Tojo - I had a great time in Frankfurt and Friedberg and had fun dragging that gigantic Smurf back to your house that day. I am
sure we will catch again someday as it was too much fun and way too short a stay.


Rachel (Blue Imps) – This website would not exist without your generosity and expertise and for that I am truly grateful. One of
my all time favourite Smurfing personalities in the world and someone I know I will catch up with again someday. You won
the first round of our drinking comp but next time I will be well rested and ready to go. I had a great time hanging out in both
Belgium & Wales with you and although you have also moved are very much missed.

Karen (Kitty’s Cavern) – Thank you for your friendship and great additions to my collection. One of the most reliable and
perfect sellers you will ever come across. I have a lot to thank you for over the years and will always be grateful for your
kindness towards me.


Staci – My favourite fish in the entire world. It was your warm welcomes that initially made me stick around on the smurf
forums and I am grateful that you laughed at my gags and took pity on me from the beginning. You have done so much for
me (and to me) that I will never forget. I've had a great time touring America with you from coast to coast and we still have half
of the states left in America to see......lets go to Omaha next maybe?

Maureen - Thanks Moey for the invitation to go down to Tennessee and see how the scary people live.....just kidding scary
people....don't lynch me. Had fun at Jack Daniels, Chattanooga & drinking moonshine on the Tennessee River.

Gerda – Your friendship and help along the way and not to mention those great packages, have made my website a much
more interesting site to view. You would win gold medals every time if packaging smurfs was an Olympic event and you just
might be the craziest Smurf addict I have ever come across......I like that about you.

Jamie – I felt like it was raining smurfs there for a while and I was saddened to see that type of forecast disappear once you
had sold them all. I had about 8 variations before meeting you, so you have made such a huge difference to my collection
and got me going on my way with the collecting of vatiations.
SYD SMURF – profile

My name is Sydney Smurf but call me Syd. Infact I am thinking of
changing my name to Studley Smurf as I am short, blue and
incredibly handsome. I lived for a few nomadic years being
kicked out of collections for losing my sign…until Dyar adopted
me into his collection and made me a true blue dinky die Aussie
Smurf. He provided me with a dodgy butterfly-less cottage, some
nerdy blue friends, and a community full of hot Smurfette chicky
babes. I am indeed the coolest, hunkiest, toughest, modest and
most well hung Smurf in the village......without a doubt....although
I do have a tendency to embellish the truth.....a little....from time
to time.

Personally, I think this website should be called Syd Degrees of
Variation….or Sydsville, Syd’s World or even Sgt Syd as we know
most people visit this site to check out my little blue buns. I will
ask Stace (my keeper) to persuade Dyar to change the site's
name very soon…after all, she can be very persuading with her
fiesty fishy skills.

Since you only came here to see me, that is Syd in all my glory,
go ahead and make your day by checking out Peyo's gift to the
Smurf kingdom at the links below…..and forget about the rest of
the Smurf losers around here as they just begged me to be my
support act…I will remove them all from this site when Dyar
goes walkabout or perhaps I will charge them some type of tax
since some misguided collectors might actually want to see
them….what freaks!

Syd Smurf
Syd's Fantasy
Naughty Syd

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